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Choosing a CNA Program

The first step in becoming a CNA is the most difficult. It is to decide which Certified Nursing Assistant program you should attend in Mountain View AR. This is a complicated decision. Different programs serve different needs, goals and situations. There are programs that are taught entirely online, with the exception of the clinical rotations. Some CNA programs, (especially nursing home programs), pay you for the hours you train and you help fill their staff requirements as you train. In other words, you work and this counts as training hours. It’s on the job training. Some of these shorter, less intensive programs focus on turning out lightly-skilled employees. Some programs focus simply on the most basic of skills and they are meant to train personnel for light care positions, or highly supervised positions such as those in nursing homes. Others add in several advanced skills such as phlebotomy or electrocardiography, which increases the value and employment opportunities of the Aide. This program is usually called a CNA II program and the candidates that complete these programs are highly sought after due to their advanced skill level. These classes are of great benefit to the CNA who intends to advance in their career and go on to nursing training in Arkansas.

With so many factors for you to consider, the task of choosing a program can be daunting. Perhaps you will be on your summer vacation from high school and you are looking for some vocational training that you can complete within a short time frame that allows you to have a relatively high paying summer job in a short amount of time. Or at least you’ll be prepared to work the next school break. Some programs even allow you to earn high school credit for completing them. Maybe you are freshly graduated from high school and seriously interested in the medical field. Even if you didn’t graduate from high school, you can still train to be a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA training offers the candidate the opportunity to go as far as their will and enthusiasm will take them. It can be the launching board for a life long career of learning and unlimited career advancement. As long as you are sixteen years old or older you can train to become a Certified Nursing Assistant in Mountain View AR. If you are not still in high school, all you need is your GED or your High School Diploma and you are on your way.

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CNA Career Path

First you will have to decide whether you want to remain a basic Certified Nursing Assistant, which is preferable if you are looking for a short course of training that leads to a summer job, or do you want to complete an advanced course of study which will allow you to take on more extensive responsibilities, as well as a higher pay rate. A course such as this will also put you in an excellent position to be accepted into a Licensed Practical Nursing program, a Licensed Vocational Nursing program or a Registered Nursing program. It also makes you more easily employable when you complete a CNA II course, because you are trained in several advanced skills that CNA I’s are not privy to in Mountain View Arkansas. From there you can even go higher. You can choose to get your BSN or Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and if you wish you can go on to receive a MSN or Masters of Science in Nursing. If you do pursue that degree, you can become an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, who is in charge of treatment of acute or emergency patients, usually in the emergency room. The MSN also offers the nurse the opportunity to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, or CRNA. They work with Anesthesiologists to induce anesthesia on patients and to monitor anesthetized patients. This is the best compensated nursing position. Often CRNA’s make over $100,000 per year. Master’s Degree recipients can train to be midwives or Obsterical Gynecological Nurse Practitioner (OGNP), or as a specialist and consultant on any one, several or all of the body systems. There are nurse practitioners in every specialty of medicine. Attorneys frequently employ registered nurses, with LNC credentials, or Licensed Nurse Consultant certification, to consult for court cases. They review medical records and find discrepancies for attorneys. Their importance to court cases is obvious. Having a Arkansas Nurse Practitioner license is as close as you can get to Doctor without actually being one. Another position nurses are likely to hold is answering nurse lines for insurance companies and answering client’s health questions.

Preparing for CNA School

Once you’ve chosen your CNA Classes in Mountain View AR, there are a few things that most programs require of you before you can be admitted. Most places that offer CNA Training require a complete physical, proof of immunizations and a hepatitis b titer and series of vaccinations. A drug test is usually required as well. Most schools require that you apply to the school, take any assessment tests required (this depends on whether or not you took the SAT or not. If not, then you must take a basic placement test to ensure that you are able to take the class and pass it.)

Once this has been determined, you must remit payment for the course, books, supplies and your licensing fee and a physical examination which includes drug tests You must have the MMR or Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccination.

The training for CNA certification in Arkansas is not generally intensive, as it requires learning only the most basic skills. Once you are done, you will be able to provide basic care such as aiding in hygiene, feeding patients and other basic procedures. You will learn to assess vital signs and how to properly document the results. Upon completion of the classroom and nursing theory portion of your training, you will move on to the skills lab portion of the training. It is here that you will learn to make an occupied bed, measure fluid intake and output and other necessary skills. The last portion of your training is your clinical skills rotations. In this section you actually “go live” and complete a shift, or the specified number of shifts required to complete your program graduation is the next step in the progression and preparation for the State Certified Nursing Assistant certification exam. Once you receive your certification, you are free and clear to work in as a CNA in Mountain View AR.

So what are you waiting for? Your career is calling!

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